Roof Lead Work in Wirral

If you need roof lead work in Wirral, you’ve come to the right place. We provide top notch roofing lead repairs throughout the Wirral and surrounding areas.

One of the most common reasons people contact Wirral Roof Repair is because of missing or damaged lead flashing on their roof. The main culprit is usually the chimney stack. The base of the chimney stack has lead flashing around it to stop the rain from entering your home. If the mortar that holds the lead in place has crumbled away, the rain will find its way into your home. A chimney repair and lead flashings repair is the usual solution.

If your roof is leaking and you can’t see any visible holes or cracks, there is a very good chance there’s a problem with the lead flashing. A lead flashing repair or replacement is the best solution if there is a problem with the lead on your roof.

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Lead Work Wirral

Top Quality Roofing Lead work Wirral

If the lead on your roof is missing or damaged, it is only a matter of time before it leaks. Our team of expert local roofers can repair or replace the lead on your roof and make your roof watertight again. We work on slate roofs, tiled roofs and flat roofs. We offer a wide range of roof lead work in Wirral, including:

Lead Flashings Repairs Wirral

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