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If you need professional slate roofers in Wirral, then look no further. Wirral Roof Repair is a team of time-served craftsmen with over 15 years of experience. No matter your problem with your slate roof, we will have it repaired or replaced in no time!

Whether you need some missing roof slates replaced or any other type of slate roof repair, give us a call on 0151 541 0697


These are the Most Common Causes of Slate Roof Repairs in Wirral



The Wirral peninsular gets more than its fair share of strong winds and heavy rain during the winter. The strong gusts of wind can lift roof slates out of place and allow rain into your home. A slipped roof slate is when a slate is moved slightly out of place. A missing roof slate is when a slate has become completely dislodged and slid into the gutter or smashed on the floor below. Whether you have a few slipped slates or missing roof slates in Wirral, it’s important to have them replaced quickly to stop the rain from causing more damage inside your home.

Broken Roof Slates

Another common problem with slate roofs is broken roof slates. Strong gusts of wind can cause slates to move out of position, but it can also cause them to break. Many homes with broken roof slates in Wirral are caused by extremely strong winds during a storm. If your roof has several broken slates, it could be a sign of the overall condition of your roof.


Roof nail sickness is when the original nails used to hold the slates in place are rusted and decayed. The original roof nails were often made out of low-grade steel or iron. The moisture within the roof space will eventually find its way to the nails and cause them to decay. Nail sickness usually affects older properties that were built decades ago. If your slate roof keeps losing slates during periods of high wind, there’s a good chance your roof nails have decayed.


Flashings look like long strips of metal around the base of a chimney or within a roof valley. If strong gusts of wind move the flashing out of place, it will allow rainwater to find its way into your home. If the lead flashing on your slate roof has come out of place, you need professional slate roofers in Wirral to get up on your roof and repair it.

What Steps Should You take if you have Problems with a Slate Roof in Wirral?

If you have any slipped, missing, or broken slates on your roof, you need to contact a professional slate roofer to assess your roof. Slate roofing is not as easy as tiled roofing, so it’s important to contact a slate roofing specialist such as ourselves. We can assess your roof, diagnose the problem, and provide you with a free no obligation quote to carry out the work.

Get a Free no Obligation Quote

Get in touch with the number one slate roofers in Wirral, and we will arrange to visit your property and provide you with a free no obligation quote. All our slate roof repair quotes are 100% free, and you are under no obligation to get any work done.

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